The Jordan 1 – Alpha Sneakers

Nike Jordan line of shoes began hitting the sporty shoe scene in 1985, when the very first Air Nike shoes were introduced. This is the same time that Nike and Michael Jordan teamed up and worked extra hard to revolutionize the conventional basketball shoe. Since then, Nike has continuously released a superb line of shoes commonly referred to as Air Jordan. Their popularity has continually grown ever since their introduction and it is not just about to wane. Jordan shoes are not only exquisite in style and appearance, but they also offer immense comfort to the wearer. When Nike first presented their line of shoes, Nike was mainly identical to other sports shoes for joggers and runners. They thus wanted to test the waters and cater to a different line of shoes and that’s how they started manufacturing basketball game shoes. air jordan 1 i retro alpha university blue white black
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Latest Jordan Sneaker News air jordan 4 retro oreo 2015 air jordan 4 retro oreo 2015

Brand new Jordans come out every so often, most of which are limited edition. If you are a sneaker fan, then staying up to date on all the Jordan release dates is a must. One of the main reasons why Jordan sneakers have become so increasingly popular is not only because the great Michael Jordan has a lot to do with the design himself, but because they are made with state of the art material that no other sneaker brand can compare to. The November releases of 2014 has definitely gained a ton of interest from sneaker fans, as they are really uniquely designed and look nothing like any other sneaker on the market.
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Release Date for Some Cheap Jordan Shoes

Jordan Shoes this brand becomes very popular as one of the best brands for basketball shoes. If you love using some cheap Jordan basketball shoes, you should consider reading this article. This article is going to show you some Jordan release dates of certain popular basketball shoes from this brand. You should be ready for these upcoming new shoes from this brand. Here are some recommended shoes that you should buy today.

1. Air Jordan 4 Columbia
air jordan 4 columbia
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The Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue” Is Amongst New Jordans Debuting In December

Several new Jordans have created a lot of buzz as of lately and considering that Black Friday just went by, the Air Jordan 6 “Black/Infrared” was obviously under the spotlight. However, now the Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue” is apparently taking center stage. One of the recent Jordan release dates that were confirmed by Jordan Brand will mark the retail debut of this “Legend Blue” colorway of the Air Jordan 11, but that is not the only thing that has been confirmed.

One of the latest sneaker news from Jordan Brand is that the retail price of the Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue” will indeed be $200, as it was initially rumored to be. No doubt, sneaker heads shocked by the relatively high price of this Jordan 11; they are probably still going to want to cop this pair once it hits the selves before the year comes to an end. For those who do not recall, this “Legend Blue” colorway of the Air Jordan 11 was the one worn by Michael Jordan when he returned from his first retirement and played his first NBA All-Star Game. Continue reading The Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue” Is Amongst New Jordans Debuting In December

How to Avoid Fake Air Jordans!

When it comes to sneakers, nothing is as iconic as Nike Air Jordans. And the brand has come a long way since it was introduced several decades ago. What was originally meant as the official basketball shoe of Michael Jordan has now transcended the player and even basketball itself. In fact, Air Jordans are worn not only by athletes but people from all walks of life. What people like about Air Jordan is the innovative styling. New designs come out every year. If you want to be updated, you need to know Air Jordan release dates. This information you can get from various sites that devote themselves to Air Jordans.

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