Jordan Trunner LX OG

Jordan Trunner LX OG – Cross Training Kicks

If you’re in the market for something bold and brash, the Jordan Trunner LX OG is definitely the one for you. To top it off, this particular kicks is priced cheaper than the usual Jordan shoes at just $120.

Jordan Trunner LX OG

Jordan Trunner LX OG
Color:Black/White-Gym Red
Style Code:905222-001
Release Date:May 3, 2017

The Jordan Trunner LX OG shoes are actually designed for cross-training purposes. It was originally released in the year 2000 and will be making its return this year, on the month of May.

Jordan Trunner LX OG

Color and Design

Proudly displaying the Bulls’ colors the LX OG is all about red, white, and black. Of the three, it’s the red color that really jumps out, lined by white at the bottom front and black on the center.

Despite the fact that the red grabs your attention, however, there’s no question that Nike did something to the shoes that made it even more of a standout. Instead of the usual tongue-shoelace combination, they decided for a closed-shoe pattern without any of the laces. This lets you slide in and out without having to bother with anything.

In lieu of a tongue, you get this clean top surface with a weave pattern, creating a popping textured surface. A black and white weave patterned band is placed on the top to tighten or loosen the shoes with one swift movement of the hands.

Jordan Trunner LX OG

The black weave extends to the vamp, but this makes use of a finer surface texture. Slashes of white can be seen along the bottom portion, adding some character into the overall look of the shoes.

Everything else after that is done in red – with the exception of the soles and the icons of course. The Jumpman icon is proudly displayed on the center of the kicks, big enough to be noticed but small enough to make it classy. Another Jumpman icon can be found on the rear side, near the soles. Both icons are done in white inside a black circle.

Jordan Trunner LX OG

The back is unique for the shoes as it displays a small slash of silver with the words JORDAN embedded on the center. As for the soles, the front portion is done in black while the rear portion is done in red. Basically, the sole pattern follows the top portion.

Price and Release

At just $120 a pair, these kicks will surely be sought after once it hits the stands on the 3rd of May. With the release date just around the corner, you might want to make sure you’re one of the few who gets these shoes! It might take another 7 years for a new release once supplies run out!

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