Nike Air Force 1 Jet

Nike Has a Gift to Sir Elton John – Have a Glimpse of the Special Air Force 1 “Jet”

In an aim to honor the legendary musician Sir Elton John, Nike created a unique-looking Air Force 1 “Jet.” And yes, it definitely looks stunning and special.

Nike Air Force 1 Jet

However, note that this Air Force 1 is not going to be released to the general public. This shoe is Nike’s special gift to none other than Sir Elton John.

How does it look like?

So, let us have a sneak peek of the Air Force 1 “Jet.” This comes with a rainbow gradient and a special tongue label that captures Nike’s BE TRUE message. Note that this special Air Force 1 “Jet” promotes inclusion, diversity, and equal rights for all people. Moreover, it is worth noting that this shoe is inspired by a disco ball and a British Knight’s Armor. This is said to symbolize the icon’s influence on music and his being a “knight.” Moreover, a “SIR” label is also placed on its back, obviously referring to the music icon.

Nike Air Force 1 Jet

The shoe’s overall design boasts a 197s feel to pay homage to disco’s early days as well as the relationship between Nike and Elton. It can be remembered that back in mid-1970s, Geoff Hollister made numerous shoes for the music icon. Elton John also received a number of special make-ups of the Daybreak, Cortez, as well as the Tailwind that have gained mythical status since they began appearing on the Internet.

At the moment, information is still scarce whether Nike has a plan to release it on the market. Here’s to hoping, though, that this will be available on the market so anyone interested to wear this sneaker or anyone who wants to spread Nike’s “Be True” message can buy a pair or two.

Nike Air Force 1 Jet

Manufactured in The Builder Lab

It is good to note that the shoe was designed and built at Nike’s WHQ. This sneaker was manufactured in The Builder Lab. This lab is within the Advanced Product Creation Centre of Nike. This also built Odell Beckham Jr.’s NFL cleats plus other shoed for Track and Field athletes at the Rio games 2016.

So, do you think Nike has a plan to release it to the public? What are your thoughts about this shoe and the message Nike wants to convey? How much do you think this shoe will be priced the moment Nike decides to release it on the market? Sound off in the comments section below.

In any case, more exciting new releases are expected to hit the market very soon. So, you better stay tuned. Head to our Nike Release 2017 page to know more interesting news.

Nike Air Force 1 Jet

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