Air Jordan XXX1 Low Marquette

Air Jordan XXX1 Low “Marquette” Something Classic

Blue is one of those colors that just never grows old – which is why it is not surprising that this Jordan release 2017 is dressed in a beautiful shade of blue.

Air Jordan XXX1 Low Marquette

This is not your ordinary blue though as the Marquette design is combined with the Air Jordan XXXI Low silhouette, creating a highly remarkable look that is tough to ignore.


Primarily done in different shades of blue, the Air Jordan XXX1 Low “Marquette” has a “mesh” feel with a dark shade starting from the toes and getting lighter and lighter as it moves towards the ankles.

Air Jordan XXX1 Low Marquette

The tongue is done in the same basic blue color with the laces a bit darker in shade. Unfortunately, these are not the kind of laces you can buy at just any store so make sure you don’t lose them!

The Jumpman logo is proudly displayed close to the quarter panel, this one beautifully placed onto the material in dark blue shading. It’s pretty hard to miss considering the depth of the icon’s color. The heels are marked with the words MARQUETTE done in white with a bold shading of yellow along the edges. Again – not something you’d miss considering the awesome size of the logo.

Air Jordan XXX1 Low Marquette

Another Jumpman logo is placed on the center of the tongue, this one done in solid yellow, allowing it to just pop out of the woodwork. The soles aren’t much to talk about, maintaining a plain white coloring with a bit of dark blue strip in between.


To wrap it up, the Air Jordan XXX1 Low “Marquette” definitely appeals to the lover of classics. Nothing shocking or ‘out of this world’ with this particular silhouette – which makes it even better than all the other models currently out from Air Jordan. With the “Marquette”, you can be sure that you’re always on point, always in fashion, and always wearing something that will get you through doors of any event.

Air Jordan XXX1 Low Marquette

Cost and Release

The Air Jordan XXX1 Low “Marquette” will be available on the 7th of March with a price tag of just $160. You have to admit, the price is remarkably cheaper than other their Air Jordan XXXI Low colorways available in the market today.

Air Jordan XXX1 Low Marquette

More New Jordans

Of course, the Air Jordan XXX1 Low “Marquette” isn’t the only one available in the market right now. If you don’t like this design, then feel free to choose among all the other colorways released by Nike. More are promised over the following months so keep visiting and find out which one best meets your taste.

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