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Jordan Release Dates 2015

Jordan Brand has scheduled plenty of kicks ready for release in 2015. Information about the much- anticipated Jordan release dates 2015 is now readily available. Most of the new sneakers to hit the market in the New Year will be remastered versions of the popular Jordan brand. These new and classic Air Jordans have been designed in the highest quality possible, with the aim of matching the originality of the silhouette.

Jordan Release Date December 2015
Jordan Release Date November 2015
Jordan Release Date October 2015
Jordan Release Date September 2015
Jordan Release Date August 2015
Jordan Release Dates July 2015
Jordan Release Dates June 2015
Jordan Release Dates May 2015
Jordan Release Dates April 2015
Jordan Release Dates March 2015
Jordan Release Dates February 2015
Jordan Release Dates January 2015

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How to Avoid Fake Air Jordans!

When it comes to sneakers, nothing is as iconic as Nike Air Jordans. And the brand has come a long way since it was introduced several decades ago. What was originally meant as the official basketball shoe of Michael Jordan has now transcended the player and even basketball itself. In fact, Air Jordans are worn not only by athletes but people from all walks of life. What people like about Air Jordan is the innovative styling. New designs come out every year. If you want to be updated, you need to know Air Jordan release dates. This information you can get from various sites that devote themselves to Air Jordans.

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