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The Air Jordan Sneaker Release Date

Air Jordan sneakers has come a very long way to be recognized as one of the best sneakers .It was originally released as Nike basketball shoe, on its struggle to be the best shoe in the market it propel the shoe industry and the game itself to the top. Michael Jordan made his appearance on the launch of the air Jordan goods this made the industry as well as the game itself to be transformed a great deal. It is amazing that each and every year a new brand of the air Jordan legacy is added.Each and every brand of the Air Jordan increases the quality and the performance of the athletics shoes.
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Air Jordan 11 Retro “Legend Blue” Release Date

Alexandru Bergauer The Air Jordan sneaker line has become a true staple of modern sportswear ever since the first ever pair were produced in 1984 to capitalize on the popularity of the still-rising superstar that bears their name. Famously, the first Air Jordans were produced in a red and black color-way, which then-NBA commissioner David Stern outlawed because they had so little white on them. Nonetheless, Michael Jordan would continue to wear the shoes, despite getting fined 5000$ for every instance when he played in them.

Air Jordan 11 Retro
Air Jordan 11 Retro “Legend Blue”

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