Air Jordan 13 Chinese Singles Day

If you are looking for something a little more exotic, look no further than the Air Jordan 13 “Chinese Singles Day”. It is one of the new Jordans available today and will hopefully be released in the United State even though it technically celebrates a Chinese Single’s awareness day.
Air Jordan 13 Chinese Singles Day
Yes – you have read it right. The Chinese Single’s Day is celebrated on every 11th of November (11-11) because the number one stands for a person who is alone. On this day, Chinese men and women celebrate the fact that they’re single and independent, which is kind of like the opposite of Valentine’s Day. Incidentally, the 11th of November is also the kick’s scheduled date of release.
Air Jordan 13 Chinese Singles Day
As for the shoes themselves – it is a little disconcerting how shoes celebrating singlehood boasts a completely red coloring. Are they trying to make a point?

Still – you can’t argue that the design itself is good, combining two bold colors of red and black. Red is the dominant shade in the design covering almost the whole body, the tongue, and the laces of the kicks. You can instantly tell that there are two different materials used for the red. One is smooth leather while the other has a furry texture, creating depth in the design.
Air Jordan 13 Chinese Singles Day
To top it off is the utterly black coloring that is smartly included in the overall design. The black can be noted along the soles and through a slash in the body. The heels are also done in black with a marble-like insertion along the side for that added boom in the design. We are betting the transparent marble is where the Jumpman logo is placed because there is no sign of it from the back image of the shoes. The tongue however proudly displays the Jumpman on the center, embedded onto the leather. Hence, it’s also done in red which creates a continuous red landscape.
Air Jordan 13 Chinese Singles Day
That being said – would it be too much to ask for clearer and closer pictures for the Air Jordan 13 “Chinese Singles Day”?

If you’re part of a couple, chances are you don’t want the Air Jordan 13 “Chinese Singles Day” in your collection. You can check out other Jordan release dates that will better suit your non-single status.
Air Jordan 13 Chinese Singles Day
All in all, it’s a pretty good buy if you’re also proud of the fact that you’re single. Even if you’re not however, you can appreciate the shoes for their eye-popping design that’s meant to grab the attention of the public. No news yet on how much these kicks would sell or if they’ll be exclusive to China.

Air Jordan 13 Chinese Singles Day

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  1. when are the air jordan 13 singles chinese day coming out in the states?

  2. when are these coming out in the united states?

    1. not sure yet.
      November 11th of china

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