Air Jordan 12 Flu Game – A Remastered Classic

Air Jordan 12 Flu Game Black/Varsity Red

The Air Jordan 12 has always been a favorite silhouette among the Air Jordan releases 2016. With the Flu Game out and about, there’s no question that this colorway will grab the attention of the media and masses.

Air Jordan 12 Flu Game Black/Varsity Red

Air Jordan 12 Flu Game
Color:Black/Varsity Red
Style Code:130690-002
Release Date:May 28, 2016

The Flue Game – like other colorways – highlights the design of the Air Jordan 12. Using contrasting colors of black and red, they are the kind of shoes you can spot a mile away. That is probably one of the reasons why Michael Jordan chose to wear them during the 1997 game against the Utah Jazz.
Air Jordan 12 Flu Game Black/Varsity Red

Wondering why it is called the Flu Game? Because during the game, MJ himself was suffering from flu-like symptoms but even with that, he managed to score and impressive 38 points.
Air Jordan 12 Flu Game Black/Varsity Red

That alone makes the shoes iconic. For the remastered 2016 version, however, you will be glad to know that even with the excellent build in 1997, they have decided to make the 2016 release even better. Using better material and construction methods, Air Jordan made it as close to OG as possible while maintaining quality standards set by 2016 manufacturing technology.

Air Jordan 12 Flu Game Black/Varsity Red
One thing you should know is that this wasn’t the first release of the Air Jordan 12 Flu Game since 1997. There was an attempt in 2003 and then again in 2009, but the latter did not meet the standards set by the OG. Rest assured, however, that the 2016 version is the best one yet.

With a snakeskin-like texture for the bottom red half, the shoes are embedded with the words JUMPMAN at the bottom edge lining, right between where the trim and soles meet. It is pretty unobtrusive so you will have to look closely to see it.
Air Jordan 12 Flu Game Black/Varsity Red

The upper black portion is fairly straightforward, made from leather and not much texturing to be seen. The tongue and laces follow the same dark shade, creating a clear and obvious separation of the shoes. The center of the tongue displays the Jumpman logo, this one done in red to make it stand out better. The heels display the number 23, which everyone knows to be the number of His Airiness. Unlike other Air Jordan kicks, the heel portion doesn’t just show the Jumpman logo but displays a cloth tag running vertically which reads, JORDAN.
Air Jordan 12 Flu Game Black/Varsity Red

All in all, it is a pretty sweet look for a classic shoe. Set for a May release according to Sneaker News, they are to be sold for $190 so make sure to get yours reserved as early as possible.

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