Air Jordan 12 OVO White – A Classic Release

Air Jordan 12 OVO White

White shoes are all the range right now because you can wear them with practically anything. However, you can bet that the Air Jordan 12 OVO “White” isn’t just trying to go with the trend because it started the trend. Originally released in 2014, the signature shoes born of a collaboration between Air Jordan and Drake is due for a release this 2016.

Air Jordan 12 OVO White

Air Jordan 12 OVO
Release Date:Summer 2016

Obviously, the sneaker is done mainly in white – but don’t imagine something bland. The shoes boast of an excellent pattern and a hint of gold along the sides and the lace slots, adding a touch of elegance to the overall look of the shoes. There’s a little bit of texture around the trim also done in white with vertical lines that accentuate the lines of the shoes. The soles are also done in white together with the laces.
Air Jordan 12 OVO White

Unfortunately, the Air Jordan 12 OVO “White” only has side-view pictures as of now so we’re not sure how the front and back portion looks. There’s a good chance that the usual logos will be present which includes the Jumpman icon. The question is: will the logos be done in gold or white? Obviously, Air Jordan would want to make the logos pop out from the white background so they must have done something to make that happen.

Note that there’s also a black version of the Air Jordan 12 OVO but what we know about it are just as limited. If you’re not into white, then the black leather of the second version might appeal to you. No doubt about it however – the Air Jordan 12 OVO “White” has every sign of being a classic.
Air Jordan 12 OVO White

This Sneaker Finder is actually just one of the Jordan releases 2016 so if you’re not into the kicks, you always have other options. Sneaker News reveals that the shoes may be out by March or April in selected Jordan Brand stores, depending on where you happen to be located.

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