Air Jordan 13 Doernbecher – Air Jordan’s Bid for Freestyle Competition

Air Jordan 13 Retro Doernbecher Multi-Color/Black

The Air Jordan 13 Doernbecher is different from all the other Air Jordan 13 colorways available in the market today. For one thing, this the Jordan Brand’s entry to the freestyle competition, the particular colorway designed by 12-year old John.

Air Jordan 13 Retro Doernbecher
Style Code:836405-305
Release Date:November 21, 2015

Air Jordan 13 Retro Doernbecher Multi-Color/Black

We have to say, the kid has got style as Sneaker News releases images of the Air Jordan 13 Doernbecher which features an astonishing combination of yellow-green, black, and deep green. The black covers a significant portion of the shoes with a stylish scale-like pattern that is hard to ignore. The deep green is slightly shiny in color with a few dimples that makes for a great contrast against the black-scales.

Air Jordan 13 Retro Doernbecher Multi-Color/Black

The insole is waves of deep green, midsole, of black, and a thin layer of pinkish outsole. Yes – there is a hint of pink in the design but somehow, John managed to make it work for the overall Jordan 13 silhouette.

Air Jordan 13 Retro Doernbecher Multi-Color/Black

The black scales extend to the tongue, topped with yellow green lacing and a transparent lace lock with a definable logo. As tribute to the guy who made the design, there is a “John” and “Charles” stitching placed on each shoe, making sure that everyone knows exactly who to thank for this new addition to the line.

Air Jordan 13 Retro Doernbecher Multi-Color/Black

If you are wondering where the “Jumpman” logo is placed – John hasn’t forgotten that one! As usual, it is on the center of the tongue with a yellow-green stitching that makes it stand out from the overall pattern.

Air Jordan 13 Retro Doernbecher Multi-Color/Black

What really makes these shoes stand out is not the colorway itself but the story behind it. John Charles – the kid who designed the Air Jordan 13 Doernbecher – was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and has to take 7 pills everyday to manage the condition. It is therefore not surprising that the shoes are embedded with so many symbols and ideas that John managed to accumulate as he battles through the medical condition.

For example, flip the shoes and you will find the words “Crohn’s” on the outsole. Plus, the words COURAGE, STRENGH, and FIGHT are stamped on the bottom of the shoes, indicating the attributes one needs in order to keep on fighting the problem.

As John said, every time he walks, he wanted to literally stomp’ the disease out, which is probably why the word “Crohn’s” are added in the bottom.

All in all, it is a pretty good design. Even if you’re not sold by the colorway, you can’t question the drive that gave birth to the Air Jordan 13 Doernbecher. Accordingly, the Jordan release date for these shoes is in November 21, 2015

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