Air Jordan 7 GS Fuchsia Glow- Design That Glows on The Sneaker

Air Jordan 7 Girls White/Fuchsia Glow-Black-ML Berry

Air Jordan is now dominating the whole sneaker’s marketplace. From retail store to online store, everywhere is the rhythm of victory for Air Jordan and their epic sneaker series. Till the beginning of Air Jordan, they have earned a huge appreciation from the customers and their revenue figures goes up gradually. So, each year Jordan come up with such epic sneakers that are pretty enough to make people crazy and create hunger for the new models. This year, no exceptions happened. Air Jordan is coming up with one of historical sneaker of all time Air Jordan 7 GS “Fuchsia Glow””. In a press briefing, the managing director of Jordan expressed such optimistic speeches. So, people are now hoping for a great sneaker with great expectation. Let’s take a look little deeper on this upcoming sneaker to know it even better.


Air Jordan 7 Girls White/Fuchsia Glow-Black-ML Berry

Air Jordan 7 GS Fuchsia Glow
Color:White/Fuchsia Glow-Black-ML Berry
Style Code:442960-127
Release Date:October 17, 2015

Air Jordan 7 Girls White/Fuchsia Glow-Black-ML Berry

Sneak Peek on Air Jordan 7 GS “Fuchsia Glow”” & Release Date

The color used for Air Jordan 7 GS “Fuchsia Glow” are very luxurious and lucrative. The fanatics are already impressed watching them online promo. It has been heard that Air Jordan 7 GS “Fuchsia Glow” might break all the previous records. The color combination for the Fuchsia Glow is undeniably awesome. Air Jordan emphasized on the design of this sneaker. They used a very light design but this design has a unforgettable charming in it. Anyone, who is a true sneaker lover will be impressed. This sneaker is fully dressed in white, black, berry and fuchsia glow scheme. The whole design and color combination glows brightly on the sneaker. This sneaker is another grad school version from Air Jordan. The leather that was used in full white. So, this show is based on all white leather with black detailing. The accents is fuchsia glow and the hints of berry.Air Jordan 7 Girls White/Fuchsia Glow-Black-ML Berry

Air Jordan 7 Girls White/Fuchsia Glow-Black-ML Berry

Release Date

Undeniably, this one is the most up to dated Air Jordan sneaker for 2015. Air Jordan has focused on each and every keen details before making this awesome sneaker. They overcome their previous mistakes take suggestions from the customers feedback option. They are going to give us something that we haven’t yet familiar with. Some people are saying that this one is a surprise package from Air Jordan for theirs customers. So, people are keenly waiting for the release of Air Jordan 7 GS “Fuchsia Glow”. All waiting will be over at 17th October, 2015. Air Jordan will expose this sneaker that day and the windows will be opened for the buyers. Till then, we have to still wait a little. Await till 17th October is coming!

Air Jordan 7 Girls White/Fuchsia Glow-Black-ML Berry

Air Jordan 7 GS White/Fuchsia Glow-Black-ML Berry

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