Air Jordan 29 Black/White-Dark Grey-Gym Red

Air Jordan XX9 – A Leader in Advanced Sneaker Technology

Just a few short years ago, the Air Jordan line of sneakers was not seen as a brand that is at the forefront of technological innovations. Instead, the same sneakers had a reputation of being a solid performer, but not much of an innovator when it comes to new technology. Nike tried to amend this by introducing modularity in 2011, which offered a choice when it came to the cushioning elements.

Air Jordan 29 Black/White-Dark Grey-Gym Red
Air Jordan 29 Black/White-Dark Grey-Gym Red

Air Jordan 29
Color: Black/White-Dark Grey-Gym Red
Style Code: 695515-001
Release Date: 01/10/15
Price: $225

Air Jordan 29 Black/White-Dark Grey-Gym Red
Air Jordan 29 Black/White-Dark Grey-Gym Red
Air Jordan 29 Black/White-Dark Grey-Gym Red
Air Jordan 29 Black/White-Dark Grey-Gym Red

But, the same choice comprised only out of two options, which was honestly not a huge deal. A year later, the company added Flywire technology to the sneaker line. This included the placement of filaments inside of the sneakers which produced more support to the most critical places. Although Flywire is without a doubt innovative, Air Jordan’s received almost five years after it was introduced to the world of basketball with the companies Hyperdunk model.
In 2014, Nike obviously came to a decision that this fact needs to change. That is why Air Jordan 29 or Air Jordan XX9, entered the market aiming to bring some special new ideas to this brand. Now, apart from the sneaker’s all-woven upper segment, which brings support, strength, comfort and protection, the brand also includes Flight Web, the already familiar Zoom Air segment and a Flight Plate technology.

The new Flight Plate was re-engineered to improve the performance of the first step, second jump and add to the jump shot some extra lift that might prove a decisive factor for any basketball player looking for a more offensive play style. Flight Plate also redistributes weight in an even manner, which allows for more energy to be returned with every move. This is achieved by flexing fibers that work on the entire surface of the feet.

Nike also inserted a tendril that connects the heel and the forefoot. Thanks to this connection, the sneakers offer a smoother transition in any heel-to-toe transition. This should be very useful for inserting more foot stability during quick movements or rapid changes in direction. The company understands that for any basketball sneaker, the sole and its grip represents the key factor. That is why Nike enriched the Air Jordan 29 soles with a performance pattern. Thanks to its combination of different textures, the same should be a lot more durable on many diverse surfaces.

Air Jordan 29 Flight Web system, on the other hand, provides any athlete with a secure lock on the mid-foot. The same system can because of this take care of hard landings and any other stress that it absorbs instead of the athlete’s foot or leg.

Because of these innovative technologies, there is no doubt that the Air Jordan 29 line is truly a powerhouse of advanced basketball sneakers.

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